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Line Editing:


The process of editing where the editor will go line by line, editing for smoothness and clarity by eliminating words or phrases that would interrupt the overall flow of your work. We do all this while ensuring that the authors’ voice and style are maintained. email for quote


Substantive Editing:

$0.03/ word

This editing is also known as developmental editing. In this process, the editor will review the overall theme of your work by means of helping the client bring structure and organization to their work, by assessing character development, plot inconsistencies and timelines. email for quote



Research Consultations:

*Sessions can be accessed via Skype; Google Meet or In-person.

This service lends a hand to the client in researching material for a new book. There are two phases. Phase 1 deals with research and browsing several sites to find the information while Phase 2 brings everything together by building a working outline from the research uncovered. We’ll be utilizing various research databases such as Google Scholar, interviews  and Google search engine.  Our editor has two and a half years of professional research experience. book online

Brainstorming Sessions:

*Sessions can be accessed via Skype; Google Meet or In-person.

An hour long session that is geared toward helping the client map out ideas for a new project. This could be guiding them to find the right title for their work; constructing a good synopsis and/or developing a more structured paragraph or plot. In sum, this service can be whatever the client needs. book online


$50.00 includes the half page analysis.

 *This will not be available to in-house clients.*

The process of reading through the client’s work before it is released to the public. This will help catch any lingering errors that might impeded the readers flow. Following the conclusion of the service will be a half page summary of constructive feedback.


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